About ten subspecies of Lacerta agilis are recognized (Kalyabina-Hauf et al. 2001). Populations are large in southern and eastern parts of the range ( Jablokov 


Lacerta agilis: lt;p|>|Template:Speciesbox| The |sand lizard| (|Lacerta agilis|) is a |lacertid| |lizard| distrib World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of

brevicaudata and L. a. boemica, but several more have been described. Antipov, S.A. & Doronin I.V. (2018) - Coloring and drawing of a Sand Lizard (Lacerta agilis) in the territory of the Murom Reserve, Vladimir Region. - In: Specially Protected Natural Territories: Current Status and Development Prospects. Materials of the All-Russian Jubilee Scientific and Practical Conference, dedicated to the 25th anniversary Subspecies: Lacerta agilis argus (LAURENTI, 1768) Types: Holotype: MNCN 44271.1, Falda oeste del Puig de Basa, Tossas, Pirineos, provincia de Gerona, España, 07.08.1972, Coll. F. Palacios and J. López.

Lacerta agilis subspecies

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argus, L. a. bosnica; L. a. chersonensis, L. a. exigua, L. a.

“invasive alien species” means a species, sub-species or lower taxon of Lizard, Sand[F552 (in respect of section 9(4)(b) and (c) and (5) only)], Lacerta agilis. Isbrueckerichthys saxicola , Ixinandria montebelloi , Ixinandria steinbachi , Kronichthys lacerta Clinus agilis , Clinus brevicristatus , Clinus cottoides , Clinus helenae , Clinus robustus Level)='subspecies in general') AND ((PicturesMain. Lacerta agilis Lacerta bedriagae Lacerta bonnali (Lacerta monticola) Lacerta 4 subspecies, 12 threatened Podarcis filfolensis filfolensis (Reptilia) endemic,  Lacerta agilis Lacerta bedriagae Lacerta bonnali (Lacerta monticola) Lacerta Scientific name of the species or subspecies, accompanied, where available,  gabonica rhinoceros) is a venomous viper subspecies endemic to West Africa Lizard Lacerta agilis lies on a cracked wooden stump; Cribo, yellow snake,  Species such as Black-tailed Godwit (Limosa limosa), the schinzii subspecies of Dunlin The Sand Lizard (Lacerta agilis) lives in dry areas which have a long.

Global Biodiversity Information Facility. Free and Open Access to Biodiversity Data.

subspecies Lacerta agilis ioriensis Peters & Muskhelischwili, 1968. subspecies Lacerta agilis mzymtensis Tuniyev & Tuniyev, 2008.

Åtgärdsprogrammet för sandödla (Lacerta agilis) har på Naturvårdsverkets uppdrag upprättats av central Asia with several subspecies. It has decreased 

grusinica, L. a.

Lacerta agilis subspecies

brevicaudata and L. a.
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Lacerta agilis subspecies

brevicaudata and L. a. boemica, but several more have been described. Presently are recognized various subspecies among which are: – Lacerta agilis agilis in central-western Europe – Lacerta agilis argus in eastern Europe east to Elba Island – Lacerta agilis bosnica present in mountainous zones of the Balkans and of northern Greece Superordo: Lepidosauria. Ordo: Squamata.

The degree of differences between the subspecies of one of the species studied, Lacerta agilis, varies depending on the molecular markers used: according to the results of RAPD analysis, all Request PDF | Phylogenetic analysis and genetic differentiation of the subspecies Lacerta agilis agilis und Lacerta agilis argus | The sand lizard (Lacerta agilis) inhabits a huge area across Th e Sand Lizard, Lacerta agilis, is a medium-sized lizard with a wide distribution range, from the Pyrenean Mountains, Southern England and Southern Scandinavia to Central Asia and Mongolia (Arnold, Ovenden 2002). About ten subspecies of Lacerta agilis are recognized (Kalyabina-Hauf et al.
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Lacerta agilis, biodiversity, cytochrome b, data collection, genes, indigenous species, lizards, phylogeny, sand, Eurasia Abstract: The Sand lizard Lacerta agilis inhabits a huge area across Eurasia with several subspecies.

It does not occur in the Iberian peninsula or European Turkey. Dentro da especie moitos autores distinguen as subespecies: Lacerta agilis agilis - Europa central e sur de Escandinavia. Lacerta agilis argus - Leste da Europa central, desde o leste de Alemaña até Romanía. Lacerta agilis bosnica - Cordilleira dos Balcáns, até o norte de Grecia polo sur.

Subspecies and spreading: Lacerta agilis agilis, West Europe and western middle Europe. Lacerta agilis argus, Eastern middle Europe and north Balkan, northeast Italy. Lacerta agilis boemica, Northeastern Caucasus. Lacerta agilis bosnica, Jugoslavian mountains, Bulgaria and north Greece. Lacerta agilis brevicaudata, Transcaucasia and northeast

In this and the other main western sub-species the dorsal stripe is thin and interrupted, or not present at all. This applies particularly to the latter subspecies, which also includes a plain red or brown-backed phase without any dorsal markings.

Ini nga species ginbahin ha masunod nga subspecies: L. a. agilis The sand lizard (Lacerta agilis) is a lacertid lizard distributed across most of Europe and eastwards to Mongolia.