Normative consequences are the criminalisation and the juridification of refugees. We argue that the proliferation of ‘legal pragmatics’ illuminates not only the ever-expanding reach of neoliberal changes in domestic legislation, but also the limitations of human rights to adequately respond to the neoliberal vicissitudes of humanitarian government.


av C AL · Citerat av 23 — spreadsheets, and maps) provide governing principles which become selective. How this 2011 is a case of 'juridification' of a political question of national 

His research interest is within the fields of youth studies, gender studies and international migration and ethnic relations (IMER). suspension of law.6 Temporary de-juridification in the context of emergencies See Lars Chr. Blichner & Anders Molander, Mapping Juridification, 14. EUR. 392-3; Lars Christian Blichner and Anders Molander, "Mapping Juridification," European Law Journal,. 14 (January 2008), 42.

Mapping juridification

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Europe: An  i Johannes Lunneblad (red.),. Policing schools: school violence and the juridification of youth. things: mapping the relationship between online trolling and  Utvecklingsarbete. m a p medicinsk het/distans m a p möjligheterna att påverka den. • Den ekonomiska Juridification of the Public Sector in the UK?” Critical  Medarbetare, Nyiri, Pal. Illustratör/Fotograf, references 7 illustrations, 3 maps index Juridification and Social Citizenship in the Welfare State. Henriette Sinding  Another cause for concern is the increasing juridification of ADR. different countries allow us to map dispute resolution strategies from a comparative angle?

Molander in Blichner, L.C. and Molander, A. (2008): Mapping Juridification European Law Journal Vol. 14 Issue. Our understanding of the concept “juridification” thus also comprises processes of “judicialis ation” meaning a shift in authorities to judicial bodies.

392-3; Lars Christian Blichner and Anders Molander, "Mapping Juridification," European Law Journal,. 14 (January 2008), 42. 5. Harry W. Arthurs and Robert 

See Florian Matthey-Prakash's article in this volume. 4 See S.P. Sathe, Judicial Activism.

4 For an introduction tothe juridification literature, including its application legal reforms in Great Britain and elsewhere, see Lars Blichner and Anders Molander, ‘Mapping Juridification’ (2008) 14(1) European Law Journal 36; Mark Bevir, ‘The Westminster Model,

Browsing NIBR - Norwegian Institute for Fagarkivet HiOA: What is juridification? Access Trägårdh, Lars and Michael Delli Carpini (2004).

Mapping juridification

On 11 December 1997, the Norwegian Parliament authorised a research group to compile a report on ‘Power and Democracy’ within a 5‐year period. Este artículo tiene como propósito reflexionar acerca del uso y los efectos de las denuncias institucionales y no institucionales (“escraches”) originadas por situaciones de violencia patriarcal, a partir de la juridificación de las demandas por el derecho social a la vida libre de violencia, la incidencia del movimiento feminista, y las tensiones en las dicotomías público/privado e Blichner, L. Chr. og Molander, A.(2008) «Mapping Juridification» i European Law Journal, Vol. 14, Issue 1(s. 36-54) (19 s.) Dworkin, G. (2005) «Paternalism» i Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy ( 21 s) The project proposed here will enable us to use that mapping to address the need identified by the ESRC project to explore the specificity of violent conflicts and the juridification thereof that involve diverse moralities and ontologies about nature, natural resources and development. This book examines the global phenomenon of school violence and its wide range of behaviours, from school shootings to minor theft, bullying and sexual harassment.
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Mapping juridification

About 10 per cent of all global framework agreements include a reference to mediation or arbitration procedures.

1 L.C. Blichner and A. Molander, 'Mapping Juridification' (2008) 14 European Law J. 36-54; A. Hatland and E. Nilssen, 'Policy making and application of law: Free movement of persons and the European Court of Justice' in The Role of International Organizations in Social Policy , eds.
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Inspectors producestatistics and facts, and they map out differences using interviews and Blichner, L.C. & Molander, A. (2008) Mapping juridification.

DOI To DiVA Abstract. Across the world, indigenous peoples enjoy unprecedented access to international, regional, and domestic legal remedies to gain protections for their religious, spiritual, and customary identities, beliefs, and practices through a wide spectrum of judicial platforms. “The juridification of social demands and the application of statutes: An analysis of the legal treatment of antiracism social demands in Brazil”. Fordham Law Review , 77 (4), pp.

Request PDF | Mapping Juridification | Juridification is an ambiguous term, both descriptively and normatively.

19 Pages Posted: 21 Dec 2007. See all articles by Lars Chr. Blichner Información del artículo Mapping Juridification ‘Juridification’ is an ambiguous term, both descriptively and normatively. In this article we distinguish between five dimensions of ‘juridification’: constitutive juridification, juridification as law's expansion and differentiation, as increased conflict solving with reference to law, as increased judicial power and as legal framing. 11 Lars Blichner and Anders Molander, ‘Mapping juridification’, European Law Journal 14 (1) (2008): 36.

The strands will be brought together in three steps – first, by presenting a brief overview of research on contemporary conceptualizations of juridification in modern societies; second, by tracing some of the central historical antecedents that inform such juridification; and third, by identifying how the juridification of education proceeds on different paths at different rates, issuing in different relationships to institutional structures in different regions, nations, or societies ‘juridification takes place when social actors, in and outside government, increasingly refer to the law to resolve conflicts’; ‘[a] fourth type of juridification is identified with the courts and the judges playing an increasingly prominent role in lawmaking’; The conclusion is that, while juridification calls for a thorough revision of the tasks of politics, it does not thwart it.