Roman ogee bit 40-850 Out of stock £32.42. Roman ogee bit 40-770 In stock £29.86. Double Roman ogee bit 41-785 In stock £33.28. Double Roman ogee bit 41-880 Out of stock £34.99. Classical ogee bit 44-787 In stock £33.28. Classical ogee bit 44-850 Out of stock £36.70. Ogee with fillet 46-825 In stock £34.13. Inverted ogee bit 59-564 In


The ogee and Roman ogee profiles are used in decorative moulding, often framed between mouldings with a square section. As such it is part of the standard classical decorative vocabulary, adopted from architrave and cornice mouldings of the Ionic order and Corinthian order.

When applied, this router bit provides two straight edges and a bead and convex curve in the middle. The Ogee router bit comes with ¼, 5/32, and 3/8 radius amongst others. Roman Ogee (OG) Sticking Cove & Bead (CB) Sticking Traditional (TR) Sticking Available on 1-⅜" and 1-¾" MDF doors only. Low Profile Bolection Moulding (LP) Puts a decorative edge on a pedestal base for collectibles.

Roman ogee profile

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Great savings! Architrave Ogee · Beading · Bead Ovolo · Cornice - Pilaster · Dado Rail · Handrail - Sash Bar · Picture Rail · Ogee - Torus · Multi Profile A · Multi Profile B · Torus. Terminator is the cutting edge of premium diamond tooling. We are passionately committed to the relentless advancement of stone fabrication technologies to  The Ogee bit, also referred to as a Roman Ogee creates a compound, S-shaped profile.

The ogee and Roman ogee profiles are used in decorative moulding, often framed between mouldings with a square section.


This edge profile requires a minimum countertop thickness of 1-1/2″. The depth of the edge profile is 5/8″.

19 Sep 2017 The Roman ogee is known for having the cove or concave portion of the profile above the round, or convex, portion of the profile. Infinity Roman 

Wine Cellar.

Roman ogee profile

Other Profiles. Door & Drawer Front Edge. Edging Sets. Straight & Spiral.
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Roman ogee profile

Door & Drawer Front Edge. Edging Sets.

Chamfer; V-Groove; Cove; Round Nose; Rabbeting; Dado; Round over; Dovetail; Roman Ogee  ROMAN OGEE BIT 1 1/16" X 12MM (5/32" RADIUS) 1/4" SHANK.
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Or would you rather go with something more decorative and fancy like the Roman Ogee? The choice for your countertop’s edge profile is up to you, we just help turn your design or concept into reality. Whatever your choice is for your edge profile, we have several different choices to choose from here at In Home Stone.

1-5/8 " Diam, 13/16" LOC, 2 Flute Carbide-Tipped Edge Profile Roman Ogee Router  13 Mar 2020 (1) NEW Yonico 1/4" R Double Roman Ogee Edge Profile Carbide Tip Router Bit y2. 1/4" shank /2 flute. Bit removed from new multiple bit set. Roman Ogee Router Bits (2 Flute), Carbide Tipped - Southeast Tool SE2202; 5/ 32in.

CMT 5/32" Inverted Roman Ogee Profile Router Bit 1/2" shank 867.501.11B Print this page. CMT Fatigue Proof® Steel CMT router and boring bits start from solid 

Roman ogee profile router bits create an S-shaped edge Trend 46/240 1/4 Roman Ogee With Bearing Guided Ogees, Change Profile By Using A Larger Bearing And Vary The Depth. Dimensions: D=34.9 Mm C=20 Mm B=9.5 Mm B2=12.7 Mm R=6.3 Mm Ol= … Is the ogee 5/8" wide instead of 3/8" The profile depths on all of these shaper cutters is 3/8". If you need something for a special application, please give us a call. 800-472-6950 M-F 8-4 Central Time. 2017-09-18 Ogee clock, framed with ogee moulding. Ogee is also a mathematical term, meaning an inflection point. [citation needed] In fluid mechanics, the term is used to refer to aerodynamic profiles that bear such shapes, e.g., as in the ogee profile of the Concorde supersonic aircraft.[citation needed] As well, ogee curves are used to minimize water pressure on the downstream face of a dam spillway.

This creates moulding with a convex curve at the top and a concave curve at the bottom. Roman ogee cutters can be found in the Trade range and CraftPro range. Showing all ogee profiles Show in stock only. Mouldings not in stock can still be machined to order but these are machined in house for you and this takes longer. Smaller runs are less cost effective. Dispatch time is around 8 working days.